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Most physicians and dentists enter their profession with large amounts of personal debt and little to no knowledge of how to actually run a practice.
“The Scope of Practice” is the place where you can gain the knowledge you need to run your business successfully and master your personal finances.

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About Me

As a clinical practice physician, I understand how overwhelming it can be to step out of fellowship and into a career, and have seen first hand the lack of education on how to run a practice and manage finances.
As a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach, I’ve helped 300 families pay off $1.2 million in debt. My goal is to help you gain the knowledge you need to run your business successfully and manage your personal finances with expertise.

How to get started:

Check out our online resources which cover personal finance, business management, and personal growth.
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Use the knowledge you’ve gained to reclaim the joy of what you love most - helping your patients.

Featured Posts

23 strategies for financial success during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis

23 strategies for financial success during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis

The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has thrown the world into chaos.  If you’re like most people, you’re probably feeling stressed, scared, angry, and insecure.  Think about everything that has happened in the last few weeks: Hundreds of thousands of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases have been reported Tens of thousands of people have died Tens of millions of […]
Coronavirus Quarantine Discounts and Freebies for Healthcare Workers

Coronavirus Quarantine Discounts and Freebies for Healthcare Workers

Everyone is feeling the pinch of losing their job or seeing their income drop dramatically due to the coronavirus quarantine. Healthcare workers are no exception.  Maybe some discounts and freebies will help you! Please share this information with your teams as well.  There are a lot of people hurting right now.  The more we can […]
Coronavirus Financial Survival Kit for Healthcare Professionals

Coronavirus Financial Survival Kit for Healthcare Professionals

If the coronavirus has made you nervous, you’re certainly not alone!  It seems that businesses everywhere are closing.  We hope this isn’t permanent, but there are likely to be some businesses that go under as a result.   I know your 401(k) looks more like a “201(k)” right now, but don’t despair!  We’re going to […]
  • Testimonials

    "The content on the website and the articles provide great advice on how to best tackle student debt, run an efficient practice, build wealth and plan for retirement, all of which are very applicable to me now that I am about to step out and start my career."

    - Stephanie
  • Testimonials

    "My husband and I want to thank Dr. Lacey for his business coaching!  His tips were so valuable, I'm not sure we would've been able to get that kind of help elsewhere. We are grateful that somebody like him was willing to give his time to help us become successful.  Looking forward to seeing more of his content!"

    - Theresa
  • Testimonials

    "Dr. Lacey has provided me some excellent resources for financial planning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks!"

    - Dustin Buck, PT
  • Testimonials

    "An incredible yet simplistic approach to wealth building exhibited in this podcast.  The host and guest are 100% correct.  It is almost all behavioral, not some great investment decision.  All, including those outside the medical world, should follow these basic principles."

    - Jason
  • Testimonials

    "Dr. Lacey is phenomenal!  He provides in-depth and personal education with a service mindset.  He is truly focused on helping others and educating on wise financial management.  When asked, he was willing to take the time to give personal advice over the phone and continues to be available for assistance and personal questions." 

    - Braede
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