A Physician’s Guide to Physician Liaison Success

A Physician's Guide to Physician Liaison Success

If you’re a physician liaison, you know that reaching out to physicians can be incredibly challenging.  Physicians are naturally wary of anyone coming to pitch them or sell a product or service.  Why is that?

The main reason is: we are fiercely protective our our patients and our reputations.  If we’re going to recommend a treatment or service, we want to be sure it’s the right one for our patients.

When anyone, including a physician liaison, meets with us to discuss a product or service pitch, we are instantly on guard, no matter how genuine your intentions are.  

In this guide, I’ve outlined a few strategies to employ and a few to avoid as you reach out to work with your local physicians.  We’ll get practical in the next few pages, but the key takeaway is this:

All I really want to know as a physician is how you can help me help my patients.

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3 easy steps to achieve success in your next physician interaction:

  1. Print this guide.
  2. Use the strategies in the guide to hone your approach to physician outreach.
  3. Celebrate your success of getting to help our patients achieve health and prosperity while also growing your business.

Interested in becoming a physician liaison?

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Kelley Knott and her award-winning marketing team at Intrepy Healthcare Marketing have created an amazing program to help you succeed as a physician liaison.

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Final thoughts

I hope this guide helps you reach out to physicians successfully.  This guide should help you create meaningful relationships that will grow your business and serve our patients better.

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time at brent@TheScopeOfPractice.com if there’s anything I can do to help you.

If you liked this guide, there are a lot more great resources here at The Scope of Practice to help you succeed in your business.  Be sure to download the free e-book, “A Physician’s Guide to Success in Business and Personal Finance.”

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