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On the first Sunday of each month, we have a special episode where Dr. Lacey interviews a Christian physician about their faith in God, their personal spiritual journey, and how their faith has influenced their career.  
If you’re looking for the regular episodes where we talk about strategies and resources to help you manage your businesses more successfully and master your personal finances, please join us every Monday for the newest weekly installment of the podcast.  
I’m a Christian, unashamedly, uncompromisingly, and unreservedly.  But, I know that not all of the people listening to this podcast share my faith, and that’s ok!!  I felt compelled to make The Sunday Special part of my broadcasting efforts because I want to find ways to bring hope to a dying world.  You’ll find no judgement or condemnation here.  The Sunday Special is about grace, hope, and most importantly love. 
If this isn’t something you’re interested in, feel free to skip those episodes and join us weekly for great episodes to help you with managing your business successfully and mastering your personal finances.  No need to leave a hateful review or negative comment, you can just skip those episodes and enjoy the awesome weekly episodes that you’ll be able to continue getting.  I’m still excited to have you join us for whatever you want to be a part of.  Thanks!
Dr. Tolu Olabintan

Sunday Special 16 – How I Launched My Private Practice in the Middle of the COVID Crisis – Dr. Tolu Olabintan

Sunday Special 16 – My guest today is Dr. Tolu Olabintan.  She’s a family medicine physician and HIV specialist...

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