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Some of the most far-reaching and high-impact advances in medicine have been made by women.  It's a joy to have the opportunity to highlight the amazing achievements of my female colleagues.  
The Women in Medicine series will highlight women physicians who are top performers in their primary role as a physician or who have incredible stories to tell about their achievements outside the field of medicine.
I appreciate the opportunity to feature women who have grown incredible businesses, top podcasts and blogs, and have become leaders in their respective fields.  There isn't a set schedule for the Women in Medicine podcast episodes, but I'm excited to have the opportunity to bring them on a recurring basis.  
If you have a suggestion for a high-performing female physician that you'd like to hear highlighted on the podcast, please email me at
Dr. Tolu Olabintan

Sunday Special 16 – How I Launched My Private Practice in the Middle of the COVID Crisis – Dr. Tolu Olabintan

Sunday Special 16 – My guest today is Dr. Tolu Olabintan.  She’s a family medicine physician and HIV specialist...

business, christian, entrepreneur, faith, jesus, physician, private practice, sunday

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Dr. Sogol Pahlavan

Podcast Episode 61 – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Running a Successful Private Practice – Dr. Sogol Pahlavan

Episode 61 – My guest on the podcast today is Dr. Sogol Pahlavan.  She’s a private practice pediatrician in Houston,...

billing, business, hiring, human resources, insurane, practice management, private practice

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private practice with Dr. Sandy Weitz

Podcast Episode 47 – Here’s What You Need to Succeed in Your Private Practice Business – Dr. Sandy Weitz

Episode 47 – Today’s guest is Dr. Sandy Weitz.  Dr. Weitz is a pain management specialist who started her own private...

billing, business, career, coding, dentist, physician, practice management, private practice

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