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Most physicians and dentists struggle to run their business effectively and are not making the progress on their financial goals that they wish they could. Dr. Brent Lacey is physician and an accomplished speaker who has coached hundreds of families to pay off millions of dollars in debt and develop sensational careers.

He is the host of The Scope of Practice Podcast, which has been named one of the top 30 medical podcasts in 2021. He has appeared on popular podcasts such as The White Coat Investor Podcast, Doctors Unbound, Financial Residency, and many more.

Dr. Lacey loves to help diverse audiences level up their leadership skills, grow their business, and master their personal finances so they can have the career and financial independence they deserve! 

Here are some suggested topics that Dr. Lacey has been previously invited to speak about:

  1. How couples can build their finances together without fighting.
  2. The Financial Flight Plan: a 7-step process to build wealth the smart way.
  3. How physicians should teach their children to be financially savvy, from age 4 through adulthood.
  4. Physicians as leaders: how to successfully lead your company or an entire organization.
  5. Smart strategies for building a successful clinical practice.
  6. How to cast vision for your organization and build a team culture that will make your business boom. 

 If you’d like to have Dr. Lacey be a guest on your podcast or at your live event, email him at  


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