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Orthopedics is an incredibly competitive specialty.  It’s no wonder, given the prestige and the incredibly high income potential.  However, it’s definitely not for everyone.  So, who fits the mold of someone who would be right at home in the world of orthopedics?

To be an orthopedist, you need to have excellent surgical skills and an exceptional grasp of human anatomy.  You need to be prepared for a lot of late night call and devastating injuries from traumatic events.  

It’s an amazing field to go into, which is why it’s so competitive.  If this is the right field for you, you’ll enjoy it!  If you’re still on the fence, read some of these articles from actual orthopedic surgeons!


If you’re a current or aspiring Anesthesiologist, you’ll love these articles on the discipline of Anesthesiology.

5 Things To Know About Becoming an Orthopedist

Editor’s Note: I’m grateful to the docs at Texas Orthopedics for contributing this guest post to The Specialist Series.  Becoming an orthopedist isn’t easy. It’s incredibly competitive and difficult to break into.  But, there are some amazing opportunities!  Read the article to find some of them! An orthopedist (or orthopedic surgeon) is medical practitioner who deals […]
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