Podcast Episode 04 – “Grow Your Business by Creating Raving Fans” with Jesse Cole

Episode 04 – You can’t get ahead of the competition only by being great at your business.  Every business that lasts has to be good.  The truly great ones, the truly remarkable ones, are the ones that are different.  What are you doing to stand out in your business?  Have you thought about how you can be different enough from your peers and competitors that you create fans?  How can you think differently?

Think about that for a second.  What would it look like to have patients that are total fans?  Wouldn’t it be cool if your patients said, “I get to see my doctor today,” instead of “I have to see my doctor today.”?

You can’t do the same thing as everyone else and expect to stand out among the crowd.  You’ve got to show people that you’re different.  You have to give people a different experience.  No one ever says, “I met the most professional guy today.”  That’s not a story worth telling.  How will you be so remarkable that your patients want to talk about you?

In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Jesse Cole, owner of the Savannah Bananas.  He has taken a failing college summer league baseball team and turned them into a national sensation.  This episode is uproariously fun!  You’ll come away ready to join the circus, or you’ll want to totally transform your business experience for your patients.

You’re going to love this episode with Jesse Cole.  Buckle up for a wild ride!

Listen to the episode here.


“Normal” gets normal results.  Don’t be normal.  

You’ve got to be different.

 – Jesse Cole


Take the #YellowTuxChallenge!!

For this episode’s giveaway, I want to encourage you to think outside the box, so I’m issuing the Yellow Tux Challenge. 

Come up with something fun, unique, or quirky that you can implement in your practice.  The more interesting, the crazier, the better.  Brainstorm with your staff.  Maybe even have an “Ideapalooza.” 

What’s one thing you can implement in the next two weeks to make a statement in your business?

It can be small or it can be big, but think differently!

Once you have your idea, take a picture or video and email it to me at podcast@thescopeofpractice.com.  My team and I will pick our favorite and announce the winner on the podcast on June 8th.  The winner will receive a bundle of leadership and business growth books, including Jesse’s book, Find Your Yellow Tux.  

So, if you want to raise your business to a new level, take the Yellow Tux Challenge. 

  • Step 1: Take a picture or video of your new standout cool idea for your practice, 
  • Step 2: email it to podcast@thescopeofpractice.com,
  • Step 3: Listen in on June 8th to hear me announce the winner.  You’ll get some free promotion for your business plus an amazing bundle of books for building your business.

7 Ways Physicians Can Grow Their Business by Creating Fans: click here.

7 Ways to Grow Your Business by Creating Fans

Featured online community: Female Physician Entrepreneurs

Ladies, if you’ve ever gotten the entrepreneurial itch, you’ve got to check this out!  The Female Physician Entrepreneurs Facebook group is an amazing group of very supportive ladies.  They help each other launch businesses, build their brand, and disrupt the marketplace.  They can really help you “think differently.”  Reach out to anyone in the group, and you’ll find people wanting to put their arms around you.  Check them out!

Connect with Jesse: www.findyouryellowtux.com

Buy the book

find your yellow tux

Show times

  • 3:35 – Introduction
  • 4:36 – How Jesse came to be the owner of the Savannah Bananas and converted them from near-bankruptcy to sold-out seasons
  • 6:12 – The Savannah Bananas name was born from a desire to do things differently from everyone else.
  • 7:15 – How do we break out of traditional clinical practice and distinguish ourselves?
  • 8:53 – Identify “friction points” that your customer experiences and find unique ways to address them.
  • 9:55 – “Mirror moments” are important opportunities for self-reflection.  Take those moments and use them to define your business strategy
  • 11:35 – Take those “mirror moments” and figure out what parts of the game you can win. 
  • 12:20 – You have to constantly assess your business and determine how you can be better.
  • 13:40 – The customer experience starts long before the patient gets in your clinic. 
  • 14:20 – An “undercover fan” can help give you an unbiased view of your customer’s experience.
  • 15:40 – “Just fine” isn’t good enough.
  • 16:44 – You can find ways to marry “professionalism” with “fun.”
  • 17:57 – People remember unique experiences.
  • 19:50 – Amplify yourself!!  Amplify things that energize you.
  • 21:53 – Motivating your staff first starts with knowing who you are.  What do your fans/customers want from you?
  • 22:46 – The PFT: Perfect Fan Testimonial.
  • 24:43 – Being a “sponge” is a critical component of self-improvement, but how do you know what to absorb and implement?
  • 25:51 – It’s important to learn from outside your industry.
  • 28:15 – Someone else in your industry may have already done it better than you, but you can at least do it differently.
  • 28:54 – You need to get your team engaged in coming up with different ideas constantly to make you better.  Cultivate a team culture that encourages new ideas and out-of-the box thinking.
  • 32:03 – Don’t just come up with ideas forever.  Just do it!  Implement it!
  • 33:52 – People talk about things that are different.  If it’s not remarkable, no one will remark on it. 
  • 37:23 – We discuss Jesse’s unique strategies for recruiting team members.
  • 40:15 – An amazing story of a fan experience.  Jesse shares the best leadership advice he ever received. 
  • 42:23 – Be patient in what you want for yourself but impatient in what you want for others. 
  • 44:25 – If your business is based on referrals, you need to create fans!  If you have “superfans,” you’ll never need to ask for a referral.
  • 46:55 – Jesse shares his parting advice for physicians.
  • 48:00 – Summary of the conversation.
  • 49:13 – Issuing the #YellowTuxChallenge
  • 50:51 – This week’s featured online community (Facebook): Female Physician Entrepreneurs


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