Podcast Episode 08 – “Anyone Can Be a DIY Investor Using the Tax-Efficient Waterfall” with Sarah-Catherine Gutierrez

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Episode 08 – Have you ever wanted to be a DIY investor but you just didn’t know where to start?  It’s not that hard.  All you need is a plan!

The tax-efficient waterfall investing strategy is a great roadmap that can turn any financial novice into a DIY investor in 8 easy steps.  This is a super-simple but incredibly powerful investing strategy.  Any would-be DIY investor should have no trouble getting great returns using these few very simple steps.

Sarah-Catherine Gutierrez is an author, blogger, and owner of Aptus Financial.  She has a great head for strategy and a heart for service.  If you think becoming a DIY investor is beyond your reach, think again!!  Let Sarah-Catherine show you how it’s done!!


“Humility is the most important element to have in a financial plan.”

 – Sarah-Catherine Gutierrez, author, blogger, and owner of Aptus Financial


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Free Resource: Setting Reachable Financial Goals

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Blog: www.ladysplainingmoney.com

Financial planning company: Aptus Financial

Buy the book!!: But First, Save 10: The One Simple Money Move that Will Change Your Life



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Announcing the winner of the #YellowTuxChallenge!!

In episode 4, we issued the #YellowTuxChallenge to get people to come up with ideas for how to turn their patients into raving fans. We encouraged everyone to think outside the box and do things that no one else does.

Congratulations to the winner, Dr. Paul Thomas of Plum Health Direct Primary Care in Detroit, MI!!


9 Easy Steps to Building a Great Investing Strategy Using the Tax-Efficient Waterfall: click here.

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Show times

  • 00:00 – Introduction to the episode.
  • 03:42 – Introduction to Sarah Catherine Gutierrez.
  • 05:23 – Who needs a financial advisor, and how do you pick a good one?
  • 07:08 – Beware of financial advisors.  Know what their conflicts of interest are before you sign up with them.
  • 09:20 – Physicians should use fee-only or fixed-fee advisors.  Don’t use an advisor that uses an AUM or commission model.
  • 12:59 – If you get advice, you need to make sure it’s as free of bias as possible.
  • 14:23 – A certification like a CFP or CFA isn’t necessarily required for an advisor to be able to give good advice.
  • 15:45 – How much should a physician expect to pay for advice from a financial advisor?
  • 18:26 – Financial advisors are worth the investment!  Don’t be afraid to pay for the advice of a good professional advisor
  • 20:36 – Introducing the concept of the tax-efficient waterfall investing strategy.
  • 21:55 – Overview of the 8 steps of the tax-efficient waterfall.
  • 24:17 – You’re not going to necessarily hit every step in the waterfall.  Don’t be discouraged!!
  • 25:28 – The most important number you need to know is your rate of savings.  How much are you saving each year?
  • 26:18 – Most physicians at least know enough to take advantage of their company’s match, but many get trapped by early mistakes like a whole life insurance plan.
  • 27:08 – It’s ok to make debt elimination a high priority.
  • 28:46 – Reminder: commissioned advisors are not incentivized to advise you to pay off debt.
  • 30:34 – Why does the HSA go ahead of the 401(k) in the waterfall system?
  • 35:08 – You’ve got to think hard about the tax implications of all of your investing choices.
  • 36:31 – After you maximize all of the tax-advantaged options, it’s ok to start using a taxable account for investing.
  • 37:48 – There’s nothing wrong with just buying a low cost mutual fund as an investment vehicle.
  • 39:53 – What is your savings rate?  Have you calculated it?
  • 42:11 – Real estate may not be the right investment for you.  Make sure that it really fits well in your overall financial plan.
  • 44:45 – Where does an emergency fund fit into the tax-efficient waterfall system?
  • 48:45 – Dr. Lacey shares his personal experience with a short-term cash savings account system.
  • 51:24 – A review of the 8 steps of the tax-efficient waterfall system.
  • 52:31 – Sarah Catherine’s last piece of investing advice to physicians 
  • 54:32 – Dr. Lacey wraps up the show and talks about the free resources being given away in this episode.
  • 55:52 – The winner of the #YellowTuxChallenge was Dr. Paul Thomas, owner of Plum Health DPC in Detroit, Michigan!
  • 56:56 – This week’s featured online community is Physician Mom Crafters.
  • 61:14 – Check out the Back to Busy Summit!


Full Disclosure: Some of the links to the resources listed above may be affiliate links, which means that I will receive a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. But it doesn’t cost you anything extra—it’s just a way to show you appreciate what we do here. Thanks for this.

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