Podcast Episode 16 – “How to Rank #1 on Google” with Kelley and Justin Knott

How to rank #1 on Google

Episode 16 – If your business doesn’t rank #1 on Google, you’re losing business!  Unfortunately, the best physicians don’t always get the most business.  A lot of times, it comes down to who has the best marketing strategies.  If you have the best messages and the clearest communication, you’re more likely to win.

Go Google your business right now!  If you’re not on the first page for your specialty in your area, it’s likely that you’re losing business to your competitors.  This week, Kelley and Justin Knott share the secrets of healthcare marketing with us.  They’ll teach us how to rank #1 on Google, how to get the best patient reviews, and how to effectively utilize physician liaisons in your practice.

None of this stuff happens by accident!  The days of “hanging a shingle” in your town and creating a thriving business are pretty much over!  If you want to rank #1 on Google and get more patients, have a better business, and help more people, then you need to listen to this episode!


“You can never have too much content on your site.”

 – Kelley Knott


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Meet Kelley and Justin Knott



Kelley and Justin are the founders and leaders of Intrepy Healthcare Marketing.  Under their leadership, Intrepy has won dozens of marketing awards and has helped hundreds of physicians realize their true potential by growing their business and mastering their digital reputation.

Kelley also founded Physician Liaison University.  PLU is a program designed to help train aspiring physician liaisons how to excel at their craft.

In this episode, Kelley and Justin discuss both healthcare marketing and physician liaisons.  You’ll learn how to rank #1 on Google, how to build a great set of patient reviews, and more!  Contact them for a free SEO audit, and be sure to mention The Scope of Practice!


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Free Resource: Creating a one-liner that will kickstart your business’ growth


This week’s blog post: How to Build a Sterling Reputation


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Show times

  • 00:00 – Introduction to the episode
  • 01:29 – Welcome to the episode!  Please subscribe on Apple Podcasts and leave a review!
  • 02:28 – Join the “Business and Personal Finance for Physicians and Dentists” Facebook group
  • 02:46  – Email me at info@thescopeofpractice.com to get a free 10 minute consultation to determine if one-on-one business and personal finance coaching is right for you.
  • 03:38 – Introduction to Kelley and Justin Knott
  • 05:55 – Kelly and Justin Knott introduce themselves and talk about their business.
  • 06:54 – Storytelling is a critical aspect of digital marketing.
  • 08:56 – Kelly and Justin share some big misconceptions about healthcare marketing.  Not all marketing is the same!  Patients are not commodities!  Marketing to patients has a very different feel!  It’s incredibly personal.
  • 11:52 – You have to market to everyone on the internet, but a lot of marketing is very personalized as well.  It’s a tricky combination.
  • 14:32 – You MUST pay attention to your digital reputation.  Patients are getting incredibly savvy and learning about your work before they come see you.
  • 17:25 – Healthcare has become almost like shopping on Amazon.  People read reviews and they can be VERY choosy about figuring out which physician they want to see.
  • 19:11 – Your digital reputation isn’t about reviews.  It’s about who you are and what your patients and colleagues think of you based on your online presence.
  • 21:00 – Competition will eventually affect you.  If you’ve ignored your digital reputation that whole time, your competitors will exploit that advantage.
  • 21:53 – If you want to rank #1 on Google for something, you need a website page for it.  
  • 23:30 – You can never have too much content on your website.  Also, if there are any satellite locations for your practice.  Have separate pages for each location.  
  • 24:00 – 50-60% of your website traffic is to your blog.  So, have a blog!!
  • 25:34 – Blog content may help get patients into your business.  But, it can also be helpful after the clinic visit to give patients something to reference.
  • 27:18 – Search engine optimization really matters!  Having high quality content related to questions that patients are asking online helps your website rank higher!
  • 29:30 – Keep your content highly specific!  Don’t just blog about “G.I. issues.”  Be more specific like, “We help fix your heartburn symptoms.”
  • 30:54 – When it comes to content, videos are king!!  
  • 33:02 – It’s best to rank for both the medical terminology and “layman” terminology.
  • 35:05 – Which healthcare review websites should we be thinking about optimizing?  Google, Facebook, Health Grades, Vitals, Care Dash.
  • 37:30 – Getting good reviews doesn’t have to meek you feel sleazy!  There are great ways to optimize software programs, and you can train your staff to help you.  Text messages are the best way.  
  • 40:05 – The best reviews are ones that are specific.  Good items to include in the review include: doctor’s name, symptom treated, a positive mention, the city name.
  • 41:50 – You’ll get much more reviews if you automate the review process.  Have your software send a review request immediately after the appointment.
  • 42:26 – Be incredibly wary of commenting on patient reviews so you don’t violate HIPAA!  Don’t address that the patient was ever in the clinic!  Keep it very generic.  For example, you might say something like, “I’m sorry you had a bad experience.  We want to find ways to address this so your next visit is better.  Please contact (insert name) to discuss this issue so we can find a way to do better in the future.”
  • 44:57 – If there’s a negative review that has nothing to do with your care, you can’t just refuse to participate!  The simplest solution?  Just go get a bunch more positive reviews!  You’ll dilute out the bad reviews if you just get a lot more good reviews.
  • 47:41 – What is a physician liaison and how does a physician liaison help my practice?
  • 51:18 – If you create amazing fans, you’ll never have to ask for a referral.  Physician liaisons can also help with that.
  • 53:46 – How do you know when you need to hire a marketing professional vs doing it all yourself?
  • 59:36 – Connect to Justin and Kelley if you want to learn more about the topics discussed in the episode.
  • 60:00 – Summary of the episode.
  • 61:23 – Today’s free resource: “Creating a one-liner that will kickstart your business’ growth.”


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