Podcast Episode 44 (bonus) – “Master these Secret Social Media Hacks to Grow Your Business” – Dr. Dana Corriel

Social media hacks Dr. Dana Corriel

Episode 44 (bonus) – How do we navigate a social media landscape that is confusing, scary, and overwhelming?  15 years ago, it was just Facebook, but now there are over a dozen platforms.  We can’t just ignore it, either.  Business is increasingly going digital, and a lot of community-building happens digitally too.

Fortunately, Dr. Dana Corriel has the answers.  She is the founder of Doctors on Social Media, also known as SoMeDocs.  In this episode, she walks us through the strategy to create a legendary social media presence.  You CAN take control of your digital footprint!  It should be enjoyable, fruitful, and advance your business and career.

This is a great conversation, and you’ll definitely learn things that you didn’t know before.  This isn’t coming from a self-styled “social media expert.”  Dr. Corriel is ACTUALLY an expert when it comes to building amazing physician brands online.


“You are in control of your digital footprint.  So make it great!!  Strategy is important!”

 – Dr. Dana Corriel

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Meet Dr. Dana Corriel

Dr. Dana CorrielDr. Dana Corriel is an internal medicine specialist with a passion for amplifying physician voices online.  She founded Doctors on Social Media, also known as SoMeDocs, to help physicians boost their message across the internet and various social media platforms.

SoMeDocs has become the premiere place to get content related to social media for physicians.  They have over 20,000 followers on their various platforms.  You need to check them out!  Trust me, there’s a TON of value here!!!

  • SoMeDocs main page: Everything related to social media branding you could ever want!
  • Facebook collaborative: Looking for other physician Facebook groups to join?  Here is a great set for you to check out!
  • Physician Databank: Meet other physicians who are crushing it in the online space.  Great opportunities for collaboration!
  • SoMeDocs Masterclass: If you need one-on-one help with social media strategies or growing your career, this is the place to check out!!
  • Dr. Corriel’s blog: Life After Medicine


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