Podcast Episode 46 – What does the future look like for women in medicine? – Dr. Hala Sabry

women in medicine with Dr. Hala Sabry

Episode 46 – In my last conversation with Dr. Hala Sabry, we talked about balancing career and family aspirations.  When you’re driven to succeed in all areas of your life, it’s hard to balance those different ambitions.  If you didn’t get a chance to listen, make sure to go check that out.  In today’s episode, we’re wrapping up the four part series with Dr. Sabry by talking about the future for women in medicine. 

The first women to earn a medical degree in the U.S. was Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell in 1849.  Today, women make up half of all medical school classes.  We’ve made tremendous progress in advancing opportunities for both women and men to excel in the medical field.  So, what’s on the horizon?  What does the future look like for women in medicine?  

Dr. Sabry and lots of amazing women (and men) are working hard to ensure that anyone in the medical field has every opportunity they want.  I think the future is incredibly bright, and I’m excited to bring you this final interview in my four part series with Dr. Hala Sabry. 

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Meet Dr. Hala Sabry

Dr. Hala Sabry founder of Physician Moms Group

Dr. Hala Sabry is a Board-Certified Emergency Medicine physician, the founder of Physician Moms Group (PMG), and a super mom of five- with two sets of twins!

Being a mother of five has given Hala a unique expertise and skill set to help other parents in the medical field. After years of infertility, she found that balancing motherhood and a career in medicine was challenging.

She frequently fought through fear, negative self-talk, and a recurring desire to quit her job in medicine, and she knew other mothers and physicians must have experienced the same struggles. She attributes having a solid support system (PMG) and life coaching in helping her manage her thoughts and reaffirm her “why.”

She has built one of the largest physician communities in the world (Physician Moms Group), now with 115,000+ members, currently exclusive for women in medicine!  She’s also on the board of a new startup company to help connect patients and physicians.

Connect with Dr. Hala Sabry

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Show times

  • 00:00 – Introduction to the episode
  • 01:16 – Subscribe to the podcast, and please leave a review!  
  • 03:07 – Introduction to Dr. Hala Sabry, founder of Physician Moms Group and a champion for women in medicine.
  • 04:11 – Welcoming back Dr. Hala Sabry for part four of her four part series, here to talk about the future for women in medicine.
  • 05:42 – Dr. Sabry shares what it’s like as a woman in the medical field.  What is a career like for women in medicine, and how have her experiences shaped her views?
  • 08:57 – What’s it like for women in medicine from underrepresented minorities?  Dr. Hala Sabry shares some experiences that she learned with one of her mentors in medical school.
  • 11:02 – Unfortunately, women in medicine do still experience sexism in the workplace.  Intentional or inadvertent, it’s important to recognize?
  • 11:25 – What are the struggles of women in medicine that are perhaps less well known or less well understood.
  • 14:17 – What are some areas of progress for women in medicine over the last 50 years?
  • 16:00 – Women in medicine have to make tough choices as they balance their career and family aspirations.
  • 17:50 – What are the attitudes towards women in medicine among the different generations?  
  • 19:47 – Dr. Hala Sabry discusses how women in medicine struggle with patient interactions.
  • 22:35 – Intentions matter when it comes to interpersonal interactions.
  • 25:20 – Kids growing up today are more comfortable with the idea of women as physicians.
  • 27:26 – What are the top 2-3 goals for women in medicine that Dr. Hala Sabry would like to achieve?
  • 32:26 – Dr. Hala Sabry is optimistic about the future for women in medicine because she believes that she is going to succeed.
  • 33:38 – Connect to Dr. Hala Sabry and continue the discussion about women in medicine.  
  • 34:38 – Summary of the episode.
  • 35:12 – Email me at info@thescopeofpractice.com with the special code mentioned in the podcast to have a chance to win a free coaching session on personal finance.
  • 36:15 – Signing off!

Listen to the next episode

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Comments (2)

  • The episode on the 18th on Women in Medicine was right on point. The examples given regarding how women are treated were true. I can’t count how many times I am asked to clean or get something or get the doctor when I’m the doctor.
    I also laughed out loud about the male student getting the looks from the patient Instead of me… when I am asking the questions. I always assumed it was a racial issue . To hear her say that happens to her gave me another version of the story… it’s gender bias as well.
    I laughed at your response as the host because you had to think about whether you have had the experience and not acknowledging the fact that it happens to women every day. You also spoke about being in the military and the team effort in the military. I thought that comment was a bit off. Ofcourse it is a team effort to take care of patients. It is just sometimes nice to be acknowledged for your work and efforts. It’s nice to not always be assumed to be the nurse, or aid, when In fact you are the doctor.

    • YDC-

      I’m glad you enjoyed the episode. Having Dr. Sabry on the podcast was really valuable to the conversation surrounding these kinds of issues. I want to expand my own knowledge base, which is why I’m glad to hear about people’s experiences that are different from my own. I agree that it’s nice to be assumed to be the doctor when you’re the doctor. Both female and male physicians deserve the respect due the position they are in. All of us should strive to have greater respect for each other.


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