Podcast Episode 53 – How to Become Financially Independent “Docs Outside the Box” – Dr. Nii Darko

Dr. Nii Darko Docs Outside the Box

Episode 53 –  My guest on the podcast today is Dr. Nii Darko.  Dr. Nii is a trauma surgeon and the host of the very popular podcast Docs Outside the Box.  He and his wife have an incredible story about their journey to financial freedom.  As the children of immigrants, the Darko family had some real struggles, but they made deliberate choices to rise above their circumstances.  

I think what was most revealing about their story was how their character shaped their choices.  If you want financial independence, and if you want to no longer have to make decisions based on how it will affect your ability to pay off your student loans, you need to listen to this inspiring conversation. 

As Dr. Nii will tell you, it’s not about what you’re willing to do.  It’s about what you’re willing to give up that will lead to your success or failure.  I think this conversation will motivate you to make some tough decisions so you can achieve the financial success that you want and deserve.


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Meet Dr. Nii Darko!

Dr. Nii Darko Docs Outside the Box

Dr. Nii Darko, aka THE Doc Outside the Box, is a Board-certified Trauma Surgeon who is pushing the limits beyond medicine.

Dr. Nii is the host of Docs Outside the Box podcast where he features ordinary doctors living extraordinary lives with a focus on money, mindset, and mission. Dr. Nii is the bestselling author of 3,2,1…Podcast – The Beginner’s Guide to Building Brand Authority Through Podcasting, and he’s helped other doctors find their own voices through his popular podcasting course, 10 Days to Podcasting.

Dr. Nii has spent several years performing medical humanitarian work in Ghana with International Healthcare Volunteers (IHCV). He serves as a mentor for the Tour for Diversity in Medicine (T4D), an organization devoted to educating, empowering, and inspiring up-and-coming minority physicians. His newest venture is Equal Access Health, a locum tenens company that helps doctors achieve the lifestyle they deserve and have always wanted.

Dr. Nii’s mission: “The revolution of doctors breaking the typecast of just being doctors is here, I want to bring it to the world LIVE & DIRECT.”

Dr. Nii holds a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) from Kansas City University of Medicine & Biosciences and a M.B.A. in Health Care Leadership from Rockhurst University. He completed his General Surgery residency at Morehouse School of Medicine, during which he was featured on CNN’s Grady’s Anatomy special. He then went on to complete a Trauma/Surgical Critical Care fellowship at the University of Miami. In addition, he is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS).

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Show times

  • 00:00 – Introduction to the episode
  • 01:28 – Subscribe to the podcast, and please share it with someone!  
  • 01:42 – Email me if you’re interested in one-on-one coaching for personal finances or your career.
  • 02:59 – This week’s sponsor is Contract Diagnostics.
  • 03:45 – Introduction to Dr. Nii Darko.
  • 04:39 – Introduction to Dr. Nii Darko, host of Docs Outside the Box.
  • 05:20 – Do Docs Outside the Box like Dr. Seuss?  Dr. Nii Darko and Dr. Lacey think so.
  • 06:35 – Dr. Nii Darko suggests that you should subscribe to Docs Outside the Box, The Scope of Practice, and any other podcasts you want to support.
  • 07:51 – The finance strategy that Dr. Nii Darko employed really set him apart as one of the Docs Outside the Box.  However, it all started with him being far behind his goals due to some personal finance choices.
  • 10:30 – Dr. Nii Darko and his wife had $660,000 in student loans!!
  • 13:00 – When they realized how deeply in debt they were, Dr. Nii Darko and his wife made a conscious decision that they would be focused on crushing their debt.  
  • 15:20 – The journey to debt freedom starts with a single step.  It’s messy, it’s hard, and it requires sacrifice.  If you can do it, you’ll be one of those weird “docs outside the box.”
  • 16:50 – Dr. Nii Darko and his wife lived on only one income and paid off loans as fast at $20,000 in a month.
  • 17:40 – One thing that they realized is that debt freedom gives you choices.  That’s worth more to them than any possessions.
  • 21:52 – Dr. Nii and his wife had to spend a lot of money on in vitro fertilization, but they were blessed to be able to have a great family.
  • 22:25 – Dr. Nii Darko and his wife had a really tough road, so what made the big difference?  What made them become docs outside the box?
  • 26:00 – It’s not “your debt” or “my debt.”  It’s “our debt.”
  • 26:55 – You need to work together if you want to succeed in becoming debt free.
  • 28:24 – Dr. Lacey shares some of his own debt free journey.
  • 29:10 – What did Dr. Darko and his wife have to sacrifice in order to become debt free?
  • 30:55 – People may think you’re strange if you choose to not spend money on things.  But, that’s something you may have to do if you 
  • 31:49 – If you want different results, you’ve got to make different choices.  Dr. Lacey shares a story about how someone completely misjudged the kind of car he would be likely to drive.
  • 34:55 – How did Dr. Nii and his wife see that their style of communication would change over time?
  • 36:32 – Why was it so stupid for Dr. Nii to have bought a house in residency?
  • 39:47 – Dr. Nii Darko shares his parting advice so we can all become docs outside the box.
  • 42:23 – How can people connect to Dr. Nii Darko and the Docs Outside the Box podcast?
  • 44:10 – Summary of the episode
  • 44:48 – This week’s free resource is a guide called “Crush Your Student Loans.”
  • 52:33 – Signing off!

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