Podcast Episode 57 – Branding 101: Better Brands Build Bigger Businesses – Omar Khateeb (Head of Growth for Gentem Health)

branding with Omar Khateeb and Gentem

Episode 57 – My guest on the podcast today is Omar Khateeb.  He’s the Head of Growth for Gentem, which is a company dedicated to helping physician practices stay independent.  He actually started out in medical school for a couple of years before branching out into healthcare marketing.  This guy is brilliant when it comes to creating and sustaining brands that register as valuable companies in our customers’ minds. 

You want to be known as the company that solves a problem for your customer.  How do you cultivate that reputation?  That’s what today’s conversation is all about.  Whether you’re newly in private practice, or you work for a big healthcare organization, or you’re looking to rebrand your practice after 20 years in your community, there’s something in this podcast episode for you.  Don’t miss this great conversation with Omar!


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Meet Omar Khateeb, Head of Growth at Gentem!

Omar Khateeb, Head of Growth at Gentem

Omar M. Khateeb is a marketing leader based in Silicon Valley.

He has developed marketing strategies at two publicly traded surgical robotic companies through their IPOs as well as co-founded and successfully launched a consumer product for men’s fashion.

Having successfully crowdfunded and launched a consumer product, Omar brings his knowledge of B2C marketing through digital channels to a B2B world.

He is known for his strategies using consumer psychology across various digital mediums to guide healthcare companies in adapting to newly connected markets.

He currently serves as Director of Growth at Potrero Medical, a predictive health company that is developing the next generation of smart sensors and artificial intelligence.

In his spare time, he enjoys teaching, mentoring young professionals, and donating his marketing expertise to non-profits. He also spends time speaking at various industry conferences on topics around digital marketing, business development, and market engineering.

Connect to Omar Khateeb and Gentem


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Show times

  • 00:00 – Introduction to the episode
  • 01:33 – Subscribe to the podcast, and please share it with someone!  
  • 02:00 – Check out the Resources tab at the top of the website to help you get access to great companies that can help you grow your business or master your personal finances.
  • 03:00 – This week’s sponsor is Doctor Me First Podcast.
  • 04:20 – Introduction to Omar Khateeb.
  • 05:00 – Let’s say hi to Omar Khateeb, Head of Growth for Gentem.  Before going to Gentem, he was actually in medical school for a couple of years! 
  • 08:41 – Omar Khateeb shares that he and Gentem are dedicated to helping physician practices remain independent.
  • 09:13 – No one learns in medical school the things that The Scope of Practice and Gentem are doing.
  • 10:17 – What is the difference between marketing and branding?  Omar Khateeb explains.
  • 13:31 – How do well-known brands maintain the strength of their brand?  A good question to ask is, “If your brand disappeared, would people miss it?”
  • 15:18 – Brand loyalty can’t be bought, says Dr. Lacey in response to Omar Khateeb 
  • 16:28 – Dr. Lacey asks Omar Khateeb, “How do we as physicians stand out in a crowded field if we do the same thing as all the other physicians in our specialty?”  Gentem and Omar say that your brand needs to fulfill a promise in your customers’ mind.
  • 21:21 – Omar Khateeb admonishes us to not let other people pick our brand for us.  If you’re employed by a hospital, you don’t have to be overshadowed by the big healthcare organization.
  • 24:26 – Is your brand what you want it to be, or is it what your customers need it to be?  
  • 25:45 – If I haven’t been paying attention to my brand or reputation, how do I figure out what it is? Omar and Gentem have the answer!
  • 28:26 – Using a story to tell a narrative is critical!  If I’m early in my career, and I’m just starting to think about building a brand, what kind of story should we be telling?
  • 32:13 – Don’t think you have to be perfect at branding.  Pick something you care about, and just start posting something every day on LinkedIn.  You’ll get better and better the more you do it.  
  • 33:25 – Physicians overthink things!  Gentem and Omar Khateeb encourage us to not look at the whole staircase.  Just look at the first step. 
  • 34:41 – Where do we start with branding?  Start by asking why someone would want to come to you.
  • 37:20 – You can stand out by being different.  You don’t have to have the most prestigious credentials.  It’s not a requirement that you be the best.  People remember you if you’re different.
  • 42:09 – Rebranding yourself can be difficult, but sometimes it’s necessary?  What’s the advice from Gentem?
  • 47:27 – Your brand strategy should influence every aspect of your business, from marketing, to investment, to hiring and firing.  Gentem has been employing this strategy from the ground up, says Omar Khateeb.
  • 49:42 – Connect to Omar Khateeb and Gentem. Be sure to access that free resource Omar mentioned at thescopeofpractice.com/sop to find out where you’re losing your revenue in your company.
  • 51:52 – Summary of the episode
  • 52:58 – This week’s free resource is a guide called “Creating a One-Liner that Will Kickstart Your Business’ Growth.”
  • 54:26 – Signing off!

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