Podcast Episode 66 – How to Leverage Your Strengths to Fascinate Your Audience – Joanne Stadnik

Joanne Stadnik

Episode 66 – My guest on the podcast today is Joanne Stadnik.  She’s the CEO of one of the largest healthcare organizations in Minnesota.  In her 35 years of healthcare administration, she has built incredibly productive, cooperative teams to grow incredibly large businesses.  Today, she’s going to talk about the science of fascination. 

I first heard about this on a podcast in 2014, and I was enthralled.  The research behind this is compelling, and I’ve used it in multiple hospitals to help my team members engage better with each other and create more dynamic, cooperative, and productive workplace cultures.  This stuff is really interesting, and Joanne is a certified expert in this. 

She’ll also tell us about a tool called the Fascination Advantage, which is such a great tool that I have bought it for my entire team in multiple businesses that I’ve worked in.  This is a really practical discussion that you can take action on and have a major impact on your workplace culture and subsequently your business.

Take the Fascination Advantage assessment!

Fascination AdvantageThere are a lot of great personality tests out there, but this one is my favorite. I’ve never taken a test that so perfectly encapsulated my personality and explained how I communicate best with others. I liked it so much, I bought one for everyone on my whole team! You’ll love learning how the world sees you and how you can leverage that to communicate more effectively.

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I’m excited to tell you about a new online course I’m launching called “Residency-Proof Your Marriage.”  I’ve seen way too many couples get divorced or see their relationships go sour during their medical career.  Medical training is an inherently divisive time, so you have to work to combat that! 

This online video course will coach you through setting expectations, communicating effectively, getting on the same page with finances, and keeping your relationship thriving during a difficult time.  Whether you’re in medical school, residency, or out in clinical practice, Residency-Proof Your Marriage is going to help you build a thriving medical marriage.  

This is a very inexpensive investment in your marriage.  A weekend marriage retreat will cost upwards of $1000 between food, registration, lodging, and vacation time.  This course is just a fraction of that cost and you can complete it on your own time!

Registration for the beta course is closed, but get on the waitlist for the course launch this fall!


Free Resource: A Physician’s Prescription for Success in Business and Personal Finance

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This week’s free resource is an e-book I wrote called A Physician’s Prescription for Success in Business and Personal Finance.  It has some great articles to get you started on some basics of business and personal finance that’ll give  you practical tips to increase your business growth, eliminate debt, and start to build wealth.   

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Meet Joanne Stadnik!

Joanne Stadnik

Joanne D. Stadnik, FACMPE, CHIC, is a successful healthcare industry leader – with over 30 years of hands-on experience driving profitable clinic operations, growth management, and patient experience strategies amid significant industry change.

Since 2004, Joanne has been the CEO of Voyage Healthcare one of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area’s largest and most successful independent healthcare organizations. Under Joanne’s leadership, Voyage Healthcare has grown significantly in both size and scope – and is now a $70 million medical powerhouse with 11 core specialty groups, 300+ employees (including 90+ physicians), and five different locations. Prior to joining Voyage Healthcare, Joanne built valuable skills and relationships across the Twin Cities healthcare community – as Clinic Administrator for Associated Skin Care Specialties, Clinic Manager for Northwest Family Physicians, and Camden Physicians.

As a pioneer of new ideas, Joanne is continually sought after for her keen insight and creative recommendations, and is a popular presenter at industry conferences across the country. Joanne obtained a Mini-MBA in Healthcare Administration from the University of St. Thomas, after the RN Nursing Program at Anoka-Ramsey Community College. In addition, she is a Certified Fascinate Advisor, A Hudson Certified Executive Coach, Certified in Shift Positive and is a fellow in the American College of Medical Practice Executives (FACMPE). She has published numerous articles about a variety of hot-button industry topics—such as Board governance, evolution of the Hospitalist role, and aligning the Physician Assistant role with both medical team and patient needs.

A proven leader with a contagious enthusiasm, Joanne is actively involved in a multitude of organizations—including the Medical Group Management Association (both national and Minnesota chapters), and several community groups and charities.

Connect to Joanne!

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