Podcast Episode 72 – He Started in Medical Device Sales, and Now He’s Leading a Global Company – Giovanni di Napoli

Giovanni di Napoli Medtronic

Episode 72 – What’s the difference in leading a few people vs a global company that does business on six continents?  Nothing except size!  But, as Master Yoda wisely quipped, “Size matters not.”  That’s certainly true for today’s podcast guest, Giovanni di Napoli.  He’s the head of G.I. for Medtronic, but he started very small, as a medical device sales rep.  Over time, his demonstrated commitment to excellence and leadership earned him promotions that have since led him to his current position.

Gio has phenomenal experience leading complex and diverse organizations.  Today, he brings that experience to coach us on how to lead our teams more effectively.  Most of us will probably never run an organization as big as his, but the principles he talks about absolutely are bedrock foundational principles for all leaders in every industry.  This episode will inspire you to dream big dreams, take real action towards becoming a better leader, and take your team to the next level.

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Meet Giovanni di Napoli, head of GI for Medtronic!

Giovanni di Napoli Medtronic

Gio is President of the Gastrointestinal Operating Unit within the Medical Surgical Portfolio at Medtronic. Gio is known for establishing strong relationships with endoscopists throughout the world to identify unmet clinical needs and gather input on new products, which serves to accelerate business growth and innovation.  Gio inspires his team with a passion for putting the patient first and is consistently introducing new technologies to improve patient care and reach.  Gio has been with Medtronic for more than 10 years. Prior to joining Medtronic, Gio held leadership positions in different divisions at Johnson & Johnson and Ethicon.  He started in medical device sales and quickly climbed the leadership ladder.  He is now a leader of a global company, managing a huge portfolio with many people working for him.  His enthusiasm for leadership stems from his lifelong dream to coach in the NBA.  He got his MBA instead of going to the NBA, but it has worked out well for him, as well as the countless lives he has touched.

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