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Thank you for considering a guest appearance on The Scope of Practice podcast!
This is an amazing opportunity for you to showcase your expertise in clinical practice management, personal finance mastery, and other topics relevant to high-performance healthcare professionals.
Whether you’re a veteran podcaster or a first-timer, you’re going to have a great time on the interview. We keep the interviews fun and informal while delivering high-impact content to our audience. We look forward to having you.

The information below will help you prepare for the interview. Please fill out the form at the end. Once we receive the form, please give us some time to review the request and determine whether our audience would benefit from having you as a guest.  Even if we’ve already invited you, please go ahead and fill this out for us as it really helps us keep things organized. 

Goals for the interview

Our audience is primarily physicians, dentists, and other busy healthcare professionals who want to learn more about how to manage their businesses successfully and master their personal finances. Basically, this is the stuff we should have learned in medical/dental school but were never taught.
The primary goal is to bring experts on the podcast who can educate listeners on topics that they need to master in order to succeed in their career and personal finances.
We want to encourage and equip listeners to be the hero in their own stories. As the expert on the podcast, you should think of yourself as the guide for the listeners. Basically, think of yourself as Yoda and the listener is Luke Skywalker.
If you have products, services, or publications to promote that would be of benefit to our listeners, we’ll definitely give you the opportunity to do that. However, we do want to keep the primary focus on the listener, helping them succeed in their career and personal finances.
Remember, you are the guide, and our listeners are the hero in this story.
By the end of the episode, listeners should have received three things:
    1. Encouragement: Empower our listeners. Show them with empathy that they can succeed and that you can guide them to achieve success for themselves.

    2. A plan: They need a concrete plan to follow. What are the steps to take to achieve the desired result?

    3. Call to action: What are you going to tell the listeners to go do when the episode is over? How do they take the information they receive and put it into action?

Format for the interview

Once you’re accepted as a guest on the podcast, we’ll get you scheduled for a date/time to interview.

We’ll email you a link to the online meeting, which will be recorded in audio (+/- video) format. If you have a professional microphone setup, that’s great! If not, your laptop/desktop and a good pair of headphones will be fine.

The interview usually lasts approximately 45-60 minutes but may be longer or shorter depending on the topic being discussed.

We won’t be recording right when you join the interview. I’ll be checking that all of our equipment is on and working properly, adjusting sounds levels, etc. first. Once that’s all set, I’ll count us down and we’ll get going!
Don’t worry about messing up. I’ll edit the interview afterwards to make you sound great!
Make sure your cell phone, computer notifications, reminders, pagers, etc. are turned off so they don’t interrupt us.

Technical aspects of recording

We’ll be recording with one of several possible services such as Skype, Zoom, or Squadcast.  I’ll send you the link to the online chat once we confirm a date/time.

You’ll want to be on a device with a great internet connection. A device wired to a router will be best. If you are on Wi-fi, just make sure you’re in a place with a really excellent connection.

Be sure you have pair of headphones with a microphone. Headphones plugged into a computer or smart phone will give decent audio. If you have professional recording equipment, that’s even better, but don’t worry if you don’t have that.

If you want additional suggestions for how to crush your interview, you can check out my “Ultimate Guide for How to Be a Great Podcast Guest.”  

podcast guest

Guest podcast form

Please fill out and submit this form to be considered as a potential guest on The Scope of Practice podcast.

By participating in the interview, you agree to allow The Scope of Practice to record, distribute, and disseminate the podcast in any manner. You also agree to allow The Scope of Practice to retain non-exclusive rights to the produced media for potential future use in speeches, books, and in all other public distribution.

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