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Pathology/Wound Care

Pathology is more than just looking through a microscope. It’s a highly complex and diverse field encompassing everything from wound care to toxicology to autopsy. A career in pathology can be highly rewarding. Pathologists play an important role in supporting the work of clinicians and researchers, in addition to being experts in their field.
If you’re looking for an exciting field that offers job fleixiblity, a variety of career tracks, and cutting edge research opportunities, pathology may be for you!

If you’re a current or aspiring pathologist, you’ll love these articles on the discipline of pathology.

Wound Care: It’s About Healing the Whole Patient, Not Just the “Hole”

Editor’s note: Dr. Traci Kimball is a full-time dermapathotraumatologist.  It’s not just about wound care, it’s about caring for the whole patient.  Her passion for her craft is exceptional.  Whether you’re considering a career in wound care or not, this is a great field to understand!  I expect that this field will continue to grow and […]
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