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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine might seem like a glamorous lifestyle, and indeed it can be!  You might have the chance to work with some high-performance athletes and be the physician for major celebrities!  On the other hand, it can be quite challenging and less than glamorous.

Nonetheless, for the aspiring sports medicine physician, this is an amazing field to go into!  There are many opportunities to interact with amazing colleagues from various types of disciplines.

You may treat athletes ranging from middle school up to the professional or even Olympic level.  

In order to be good at your craft, you may need to be prepared to take care of a wide range of athletes, from the 300lb. lineman to the 92lb. ballerina. 

You'll also see a wide range of medical and surgical ailments and injuries.  This can range from heat exhaustion, to broken bones, to major mental health crises.

Sports medicine isn't for everyone, but it's a phenomenal field to go into!  

If you like fast-paced work with high-octane performers, then sports medicine is definitely something you should consider!

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