Sunday Special 08 – “A Career in Medicine is Still an Extraordinary Calling” with Dr. Brent Lacey

An extraordinary calling with Dr. Brent Lacey

Sunday Special 08 – Dr. Brent Lacey started The Scope of Practice Podcast to teach busy healthcare professionals how to manage their businesses more successfully and master their personal finances.  He saw the lack of knowledge of how to run a business and the huge burden of student loan debt that physicians have and realized there was a tremendous need for that kind of teaching.

Today on The Scope of Practice Podcast, he shares his personal spiritual journey and how God called him first to a career in medicine and later to military service.  He believes that God still speaks to those who earnestly seek Him. This is his first time to directly address the podcast audience.  He hopes that this will be an inspiring message which will give people comfort and clarity for their own career journey.

Email Dr. Brent Lacey for help with career or personal finance coaching.

body of christFree Resource: The Body of Christ – A 14-day devotional series for healthcare professionals

This is a medically-themed devotional series with Bible passage discussion, reflection questions, prayers, and action steps to take each day.  It’s a great series, and you can download it for free below.

Also, we are expanding The Body of Christ to a full 90-day series, and we are now accepting submissions from guest authors for the devotional series.  If you want to contribute to the series and write some of the devotionals, please let me know! 

Guest authors get full attribution and promotion for their business, blog, or podcast.  You can email me at

One-on-one personal finance and business coaching

If you need a little more individualized help figuring out:

  • How to build and implement a successful long-term finance strategy
  • How to budget effectively without going crazy
  • What to do in order to get you and your spouse on the same page with your finances
  • Writing a resume
  • How to find the right practice to join
  • Or anything else related to business or personal finance

I’d love to help you so you can have the successful career and financial freedom you deserve.  Just click here and email me to set up a free consultation to determine if one-on-one coaching is right for you. 

I’ve coached hundreds of families to eliminate millions of dollars in debt and get their finances on track, and I’d love to help you do the same so you feel safe knowing your career and personal finances are as strong as you want them to be.

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