Sunday Special 09 – “The Road to a Successful Non-Clinical Career” with Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley

Successful non-clinical career with Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley

Sunday Special 09 – Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley was one of the early pioneers for physicians embarking on non-clinical career.  Over the last 10 years, she has helped hundreds of physicians transition to non-clinical careers or start a part-time small business.  She’s sharing her expertise on today’s podcast episode.

  • Are you thinking about starting a non-clinical career?
  • Burned out from traditional clinical medicine?
  • Struggling to find your place in the field of medicine?

If so, join me on this magnificent journey with Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley.  We explore her faith, her conviction for serving people even when she’s not a clinical practitioner, and her passion for helping people find their true calling.  Also, we’ll delve deeper into concepts like evangelism, sharing your faith with your friends, and the powerful impact that vulnerability can have in your social group.  You won’t want to miss this great interview with Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley!


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Meet Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley

Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley

Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley founded Physicians Helping Physicians, which serves the physicians who are interested in figuring out how to make their career work for them. The community is unique because it’s not a “cookie cutter” approach to career transition or strategy.

Every doctor is different and is coming from a different place. Some are 1-2 years or more out of residency and others have been in private practice for 10 years or more before finding this community. It’s been her experience that 80-90% of the time, physicians who work with this community will have clear focus and career direction within 6-8 months. Most doctors have been struggling with this on their own for years, if not decades.

Being part of this nonclinical community is simple – there is no travel involved and there is support and communication with us. She serves as a physician mentor and you work together as physician colleagues, as do many of the other physicians you will read about, watch or hear from.

She help you identify where it is you want to be, but more importantly, she will guide you through the practicalities of how to get there. She can help you find ways to revitalize your current career in medicine or diversify yourself with non-clinical options or a completely non-clinical career.

Connect with Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley


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Listen to the next Sunday Special episode

Dr. K Kay Moody

Show times

  • 00:00 – Introduction to The Sunday Special. 
  • 01:53 – Subscribe to The Scope of Practice Podcast
  • 02:20 – Today’s Bible verse is: Mark 10:43-45 – Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”
  • 03:09 – Introduction to Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley.
  • 03:57 – Let’s meet Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley!
  • 04:37 – Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley shares her faith in Jesus and her personal spiritual journey.
  • 08:27 – A friend in medical school was bold enough to open up to Dr. Mudge-Riley about faith and it opened up the door to have the conversation.
  • 09:59 – Having a group of friends to share your faith with is crucial.  Dr. Mudge-Riley was fortunate enough to have friends willing to be open to conversations about faith.
  • 12:00 – Being open to conversations and having a reputation for being non-judgmental opens up doors for people to be willing to talk to you about your faith.  Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley has had some experiences with this recently.
  • 13:28 – Evangelism may not be your spiritual gift, but you can still find opportunities to be bold in speaking the name of Jesus to your colleagues and friends.
  • 15:42 – We are ALL broken, sinful people.  We are not perfect, but we follow a perfect Savior.
  • 18:20 – Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley comments how important it is to have grace and to not levy judgement against the very people we want to win for Christ.
  • 20:07 – There is no “perfect person” who deserves Christ’s love.  We are all different, but we follow God together.
  • 20:53 – After some time as a clinician, Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley switched out of clinical medicine and started “Physicians Helping Physicians.”
  • 25:23 – More and more physicians are leaving clinical medicine these days.  Dr. Mudge-Riley discusses this trend.
  • 28:17 – How do you know when it’s time to leave clinical medicine vs making a change to just make clinical medicine better for you?
  • 32:15 – What do you do when someone is definitely ready to make the change from clinical medicine to a non-clinical career?  Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley has some ideas.
  • 35:16 – Physicians are not being taught how to be business leaders while they’re in medical school, so we have to learn from places like The Scope of Practice.
  • 35:47 – Dr. Mudge-Riley shares how her faith has shaped the growth of her business.
  • 39:01 – Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley shares her parting advice.
  • 41:23 – How can we connect to Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley and Physicians Helping Physicians?
  • 42:52 – Summary of the episode.
  • 43:50 – Email me at to find out more about getting one-on-one coaching for career or personal finances.
  • 44:29 – Free resource: 14 day devotional series called “The Body of Christ”
  • 45:31 – Signing off!

Dr. K Kay Moody

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