Sunday Special 10 – “It Takes Courage to Do the Right Thing as a Physician” with Dr. K Kay Moody

Dr. K Kay Moody

Sunday Special 10 – I’m really pumped about today’s episode.  I feel like it’s wrong to have favorite podcast episodes, like you shouldn’t have favorite kids.  But, I’ll just say that this is one of the most inspiring conversations I’ve had on the sunday special yet.  Dr. K Kay Moody is an emergency medicine physician who’s had to overcome a lot of serious challenges. 

She’s battled hospital administrators who were making it harder to care for her patients.  She has battled leaders who wanted her to stay quiet instead of speaking out against bad practices.  And she’s dealt with people not taking her seriously because she’s a woman. 

Well, let me tell you, this conversation inspired me.  I want this discussion to give you courage.  If she can take a stand, then we all can.  God didn’t give us a spirit of timidity, but rather a spirit of power and love.  Dr. Moody has that in spades, and I think you’re really going to be inspired by her interview.


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Meet Dr. K Kay Moody

Dr. K Kay Moody

Dr. K Kay Moody is an emergency medicine physician on the west coast.  She founded the facebook group EM Docs, which is one of the largest physician facebook groups out there.  She is passionate about helping younger physicians recognize and deal with burnout, as well as strengthening the power of women in medicine.   You can connect with her at,, or at


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Show times

  • 00:00 – Introduction to The Sunday Special. 
  • 01:58 – Subscribe to The Scope of Practice Podcast
  • 02:20 – Today’s Bible verse is: 2 Timothy 1:7 – “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.”
  • 02:47 – Today’s episode is sponsored by MedEvolve.
  • 03:49 – Introduction to Dr. K Kay Moody.
  • 04:55 – Let’s meet Dr. K Kay Moody!
  • 06:40 – Dr. K Kay Moody shares how she came to accept Jesus as her Savior.
  • 09:26 – God calls the broken, the miserable, and the lost to him.  He constantly uses imperfect people to accomplish His perfect will.
  • 11:18 – Dr. K Kay Moody talks about how difficult it can be to step out in faith and share our witness with the world.
  • 13:10 – Praying before every shift helps Dr. K Kay Moody recenter her focus and align her mind with God’s will for her career.
  • 14:41 – We need the strength of a higher power to lift us up when our jobs become overwhelming. 
  • 15:35 – Dr. K Kay Moody has had to overcome challenges of unsupportive leadership, overburdensome regulations, and people wanting to not take her seriously.  
  • 19:15 – The middle of a crisis is a bad time to figure out your principles.  Decide your principles before there’s a crisis, then anchor to that when the crisis hits.  Dr. K Kay Moody shares her perspective.
  • 25:00 – Perhaps you were made for such a time as this.  When you go through the struggles of your career, fall back on your faith, like Dr. K Kay Moody does.
  • 26:56 – God doesn’t call us to be fearless.  He calls us to be courageous in the face of fear.
  • 27:45 – “We become brave by doing brave things.” – Augustine
  • 31:01 – Dr. K Kay Moody celebrates difficulties because she knows that going through those trials because going through those trials develops perseverance.
  • 32:50 – When you’ve been through those difficulties, you can encourage and equip someone who is going through the same issues you’ve already overcome.  
  • 36:50 – Dr. K Kay Moody shares her favorite Bible verse, Psalm 23.
  • 39:30 – Dr. K Kay Moody shares her parting advice.
  • 42:10 – Connect with Dr. K Kay Moody.
  • 43:52 – Summary of the episode.
  • 45:05 – Email me at to find out more about getting one-on-one coaching for career or personal finances.
  • 45:55 – Free resource: 14 day devotional series called “The Body of Christ”
  • 47:38 – Signing off!

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