Sunday Special 17 – What Are You Afraid Of? – Dr. Deepa Sukumar

Deepa Sukumar

Sunday Special 17 – My guest today is Dr. Deepa Sukumar.  She has a unique story.  She grew up in India as a Hindu, but she turned from her religion to follow Jesus and the one true God.  If you know anything about Indian culture, you’ll know that her decision was incredibly risky and incredibly courageous.  By rejecting the gods of her culture, she was risking her relationship with her entire family.  But she stuck with it and she is on fire for God.  You can imagine how that would be an anxiety-inducing choice, and she has learned to not be anxious in anything but to rest comfortably in the knowledge and love of her Savior.  You’re going to have goosebumps listening to this story, so don’t miss out.  

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Meet Dr. Deepa Sukumar

deepa sukumar

Dr.Deepa Sukumar considers herself foremost a beloved child of the most High God. She is a wife, a mother and a physician. She is the founder and director of Gracemdconnect, a telemedicine company serving children in the states of Florida and North Carolina. The mission of GraceMDConnect is to enhance access to the highest quality of care exclusively for children of all ages from the comfort of their home (or from anywhere). She loves to encourage people all around the world with the hope she has found in Christ and loves to see people encouraged and lives changed when people come to the saving knowledge of Christ and grow in the knowledge of His love for them.

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Buy a copy of Do Not Be Anxious, a devotional series by Dr. Deepa Sukumar

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