Sunday Special 18 – Build your career from a place of strength, not desperation – Dr. Chiagozie Fawole

Chiagozie Fawole

Sunday Special 18 – My guest today is Dr. Chiagozie Fawole.  You know, medicine is undergoing some changes.  There are a lot of physicians feeling burned out, unappreciated, and not in control.  You may feel like you’re coming from a place of desperation.  Desperate to be heard.  Desperate to have autonomy, desperate to practice medicine on your own terms, desperate to be in a position of financial security, desperate to have the family life that you want. A lot of physicians don’t realize that their experiences, strengths and even network, can be the answer to their own prayers and those of others. That’s why I’m so excited to have Dr. Fawole on the podcast today.  She’s going to talk to us about her personal experiences and how what she’s learned can help you be the physician God has called you to be as well as some tips for how to become financially empowered and defeat burnout.

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Meet Dr. Chiagozie Fawole

chiagozie fawole

When she’s not putting babies to sleep at home and at work, Dr. Chiagozie Fawole is a Real Estate entrepreneur.  She got her first two deals done during residency, including a syndication of a 12-unit apartment complex deal. Having built a portfolio of traditional rental units in a few years, she now amplifies cash flow by turning properties she does not own into short term rentals.

On her SavvyDocs in Real Estate platform, she helps physicians get started generating meaningful income from Real Estate. As a believer, she is passionate about seeing physicians operate in their full potential, like people empowered by the King of Kings! She is based in the suburbs of Syracuse, NY, where she lives with her husband and three girls.

Connect to Dr. Chiagozie Fawole

  • You can join her Free facebook group, and get the recent Short Term Revolution Conference Recordings here:


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